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Visier reveals the human truth

Keep your talent strategies agile in a fast-paced industry. Stay at the forefront of finding and keeping great talent with visibility into your hiring funnel, drivers of success, and risk of exit.

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Visier’s values

The Visier Values are foundational to how we make decisions, work, and behave. They are the cultural cornerstones that guide all of our actions. These core values should never be compromised for short-term gain. We invest in them now—we don’t just aspire to them 'one day.'

Collectively, our Visier Values are a source of our distinctiveness, and part of what makes us special. They are foundational to a cohesive, healthy, and thriving culture, and to our winning business.

Roll up your sleeves

We are scrappy. Working hard and together makes anything possible.

Play to win

We focus on what’s most important. We take smart risks, move fast, and stay hungry for more.

Never stop learning

We’re curious. If we don’t get it right the first time, we learn and try again.

Make it easy

We simplify complexity for everyone: Our customers, our users, our partners, our team.

Be proud

We set the bar high. We share pride in decisions we make, and the difference we make in the world.

The road that led us here...

Visier's leadership team

Founded by leaders from the Business Intelligence industry, Visier’s leadership team has executive experience in business and technology at companies such as SAP, Business Objects, Crystal Decisions, and Oracle, and includes the industry’s top innovators, developers, and marketers.

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At 600 employees and 7 office locations, Visier continues to expand globally.

We’re headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, BC where we embrace a hybrid culture that is about optimizing for the energy and community created by togetherness. As a global employer, we also have team members who work fully remote and create programs and networks to promote inclusion and belonging.

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